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Association Management provided by Veracity, Inc.

Association Management provided by Veracity, Inc.

Association Management provided by Veracity, Inc.Association Management provided by Veracity, Inc.

Association News

Community Security


If you have a fire or health concern, please call 911.  If you are witnessing a crime or see suspicious activity, please call 911.  

If you are in need of assistance or have a Security concern, such as: loud music, another vehicle parked in your space, needing an escort to your unit at night, or any concerns of this nature, please call or text  214-200-5780.  

Upcoming HOA Meeting


The next monthly HOA meeting is scheduled for February 27, 2020  at 7pm and will take place onsite in building 3, on the second floor; in the meeting area outside the onsite office.   The open portion of the Homeowner's Meeting is discuss the general business of the Association.  We cannot answer personal account questions during this time.  

This meeting is not a forum to present or discuss personal issues related to one unit or one person.  If you would like to schedule a personal meeting with the board, please contact Nicole Foley 214-368-3388.

Pet Regulations


Any pet residing in a unit must be cared for inside the unit.  All pets must be fed and groomed inside the unit. Feeding stray or wild animal outside the unit is prohibited. You cannot leave the animal unattended on the balcony/patio.  The dog may not bark excessively causing disturbance to others on the patio/balcony area.  

The Association and the City of Dallas require that you immediately pick up after your animal.  YOU MUST have a pet bag on you at all times while your pet is outside the unit.  Pets must be on a leash outside the unit.  If you allow your cat to go outside your unit without a leash, you will be responsible for any and all violations.  

Water Conservation


Please repair all leaking faucets and toilets that run constantly.   Your assessment dues pay for the water, however if the Association is paying for water that is wasted, the money is also wasted.  Please be vigilant about water conservation.  There is a program for a voucher to obtain free low flow toilet from the CIty of Dallas 214-670-3155

Pest Control


The Association provides quarterly pest control for the exterior of units and buildings, however it is still important that the inside of units are treated as well.  Please arrange for regular treatment to prevent insect infestation.  Green Forest Services offers a discount for Cambridge Condominium residents, please contact Chris Fox 469-816-9866 or chrisfox@greenforestservices.com.

Trash - Zero Tolerance


Please place all trash inside the chute or in the dumpster.  If the chutes are full in your building, please walk your garbage to the next building.  Also: keep in mind that the chutes are always overfilled at the beginning of the week (Mondays), therfore wait to take your trash to chute on Wednesday or Friday for better results. 

Please do not litter on the property and do your part by placing all trash inside collection containers provided throughout the property and place dog waste inside appropriately labeled containers.  

All large debris (such as old furniture, matresses, and construction materials) must be disposed of elsewhere, off the property.  Please be sure to let your contractor know that improper disposal will result in a violation with instant fine.