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Association Management provided by Veracity, Inc.

Association Management provided by Veracity, Inc.

Association Management provided by Veracity, Inc.Association Management provided by Veracity, Inc.

Fire info updates - check back often


Building 9: Nothing new to report, litigation is still in process.

Building 10:  A few more items to finish.  The hallway floor is in process.  We ask that owners of Building 10 please not ask to access their units at this time as there is work going on in the hallways and the chemical smell is strong at this time.  Also there is a coating being applied and it is necessary to dry.  Once we receive a firm date of move-in, all owners of building 10 will be contacted.


Building 9: Nothing new to report, litigation is still in process.

Building 10:  Everything seems to be coming together.  Final  inspection for building is scheduled for Thursday, January 23rd.  We cannot schedule a move-in date until we completed the final inspection and get permission from the city to allow owners to move back in.  Once this inspection is complete, we will know more.  Since we are so close to move-in, please transfer electricity into your name for your unit if you have not already done so.  Electricity will be turned off in your unit after final inspection if the service is NOT in your name.  

Please do not request access into your unit until the final inspection is complete as the crew is working diligently to complete all tasks.

Thank you for your patience.


Building 9: Nothing new to report at this time.  Litigation is still in process.  

Building 10: Sewer line was given a green tag approval from the City of Dallas and we are waiting on ONCOR to set the last 2 meters that provide electricity to the lobby area.  Then we will be able to properly evaluate the elevator.  At that time the flooring will also be completed.  The completion is drawing near and we will contact owners when it is close to move in.  If you have not transferred electricity to your name yet, please do so immediately.


Building 9: Foundation removal is complete and special measures will be taken to prevent erosion until we can begin rebuild.

Building 10: The interior halls and doors are in the process of being painted, flooring and carpet is  being installed.  While this is being completed, you may not have flexibility to enter your units.   Please understand that we are trying to complete the interior in a timely manner and we cannot stop the crew or disrupt the prep work.  Thank you for your patience.


Building 9: Foundation removal is almost complete.  The legal  matter is still pending.  Lawsuits have procedures and a timeline which everyone involved must honor.  Will update with additional information when available.

Building 10: The new Fire Alarm system has been installed. Various  interior items are being completed such as sheet rook installation in the lobby, painting of doors and hallways, flooring and misc. items and inspections that are required.  We are getting close to completion, however we do not have a firm date of move-in.


Building 9: Foundation removal and sewer line repair is scheduled for second week of December.  The pending litigation is still in process.  Nothing new to report at this time. We are hopeful mediation will be scheduled soon.

Building 10: Unfortunately owners will not be able to move back into their units by Thanksgiving.  We were hopeful this would happen, and share your disappointment.  The City of Dallas must issue a permit to install the fire alarm and that has not been issued yet. We are told there is a backlog and are working to get the information reviewed and the permit issued.  We will update when we have more information.  

Once again, we appreciate everyone's patience with this matter. 


Building 9: there is nothing new to report at this time as the matter is still in litigation.

Building 10: The permit for the installation of the new fire system has not been issued by the City of Dallas.  Once this is issued, the installation will begin.  Power has been restored to all units.


Building 9 update: the current status has not changed.  Litigation is a process, and the Attorney representing the Association has requested early mediation to take place before the end of the year.   We will update again in a few weeks.

Building 10 update: We are hopeful the plans for the Security Alarm System will be approved within the next week so that we can apply for the permit and start the process on installation and complete the drop ceilings and the completion work.  The main goal is to get owners into their units before Thanksgiving.

Thank you for your continued patience.


Update to building 10.  As of today, I was informed that Classic Construction is trying to get owners back into their units by Thanksgiving.  The length of time will depend on the City of Dallas Code compliance review and approval of the documents requiring installation of an improved Fire Alarm system.  Updates will be posted as soon as the Association is given information relevant to the occupation of the units.


Due to unforeseen additional structural repairs that are needed to the back wall of the building, the estimated move in date for owners of building 10 has now been postponed to late September.  We know this is disappointing for everyone and your patience is greatly appreciated. Classic Construction is working as efficiently as possible to complete this project.  The location of the back wall in question is the location of all the electrical meters and  where the new electrical harnesses will feed into the building.  Thank you for your ongoing patience and cooperation.


Classic Construction has asked me to inform all Building 10 owners that if you did not clean out your refrigerator directly after the fire, and if it is still sitting full of spoiled food; it is recommended you seal the appliance and properly dispose of it, by arranging to have it hauled off the property.  Do not try to clean it out at this point and reuse.  It will be a health hazard.


Building 10 restoration is making progress.  As long as there are no complications or weather issues, owners might  be able to get into their unit in early August.  Please cooperate with Classic Construction by returning all emails or phone calls.  Please limit your access to your unit during this time, this is a construction site and your safety is their concern.  Access is limited, therefore please only get what you absolutely need to retrieve, as this may cause a delay in work productivity to stop production for access.  Please understand that most days access may just not be possible at this time.  Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.


Repairs have begun on Building 10.  Updates on progress will be provided.  Keep checking back.  The first priority is to get owners and residents back into their units, so please allow access into units if needed and please return calls promptly concerning any and all work to units.  Failure to do this may extend the length of the project.


All owners should've received notice of the special meeting scheduled for Thursday May 2, 2019 at 7pm.  The Meeting will take place at the Holiday Inn Express Meeting room, 11331 W. Kingsley, Dallas, TX  75238.  The meeting will be about the status of the November 2018 Fire.  Owners may only attend.


As of today, Debris removal for building 9 is complete.  We were fortunate that the removal company accommodated owners the first day of removal to allow them access to see if they could visually locate large items among the debris while debris was being moved around.  Many owners were able to recover important documents, and a few other items.  Now that the debris removal is complete, the full assessment of building 10 restoration will begin as the access to exterior wall is possible.  


Good News!!!!!!! Phone calls were made to notify all owners of building 9 that access to debris removal is scheduled for Monday, April 1, 2019.  Access will begin at 9:00, and each unit will be granted 30 minutes only.  You will only be allowed in the area your unit was located in, no exceptions

Hold Harmless agreements were mailed to all owners weeks ago- HOWEVER, copies will also be available the onsite.  


If you are not an owner, but were a tenant of building 9 on November 27, 2018, you may access the site as long as you have proof that you lived there.  (Copy of Lease, Address on ID, or Signed Hold Harmless Agreement listing your name as authorized).


Protective gear: 

  • Steel toed shoes and long pants(no shorts) 
  • Rugged material jacket to cover arms 
  • Dusk mask (high end dust mask) 
  • Hard hat & Safety goggles
  • Gloves 
  • Also, it is recommend individuals have a Tetanus shot before Being allowed in.  This is for your health and safety.



Debris removal will start in the next few weeks.  Before the debris is removed, building 9 owners will be notified as to the day in which the area of debris will be available for access.  Please remember to have ID and a signed release form with you (if you have not already provided your signed form to Veracity, Inc).  Once the Debris is removed, the restoration will begin on building 10.  

Thank you for your patience!


The Association’s attorney is addressing the issue with the claims adjuster and the insurance companies.  We hope to have answers soon as to when we can remove the rubble and start restoring water and electricity to building 10. 

Your ongoing patience is appreciated and please be assured that the Association is continuing to communicate the urgency or the situation.

2/5/19 Update 6

We are currently waiting on authorization from the insurance company to begin the process of repair to Building 10.  We are reaching out everyday for authorization.  Some of the rubble from building 9 will be moved in the near future.  At that time, owners will be notified as release forms will be required as well as identification and protective gear to enter the area.  All parties involved will need to be patient as it will be a controlled environment.  It will also be posted on this page when we get a date and time scheduled.  Please check back often.

Protective gear:


  • Steel toed shoes and long pants(no shorts) 
  • Rugged material jacket to cover arms 
  • Dusk mask (high end dust mask) 
  • Hard hat & Safety goggles
  • Gloves 
  • Also, it is recommend individuals have a Tetanus shot before Being allowed in.  This is for your health and safety.

1/22/19 Update 5

We are about to begin the repairs on Building 10.  Once the contract is review and accepted the repairs will begin.  

Building 9 has no update to report at this time.  Please understand, the Insurer has not completed their process of investigation.  

Your ongoing patience is greatly appreciated during this time.

1/8/19 Update 4 

The Post Office has asked us to remind all Building 9 residents (not building 10) to please go and forward your mail to your current place of residence or PO Box.  

At the moment, there is nothing new to report with the debris removal or Insurance Claim.  Please check back often for updates, as the information will be communicated to residents and owners when its provided to us.

12/27 Update 3

Building 10: replacement of unit doors is close to completion.  If you need access to your unit, you will need to check with a security guard upon arrival (during daylight hours only).  If you need extended time to move out of the unit, please contact Veracity to arrange a time.  A Project Manager / General Contractor has been selected and moving forward with evaluation to begin repairs needed.  The urgency of the situation has been communicated.

Building 9: Investigation from the Insurance Claim has not been completed yet.  Once the investigation is completed, we can move forward with process of clean up.  When debris removal begins, there will be a notice posted and sent to all owners of building 9 with options for retrieval.  

12/13 Update 2

Building 10: The evaluation of condition and repairs is not complete.  As soon as the electric and structural evaluation is complete, the Association will have a better understanding of when people can come back to their units.  All entry doors to units have not been installed, therefore the building is under lockdown.  Therefore, we are asking that all owners or occupants wanting to get personal items need to come during daylight hours and have a 10 min limit.  If someone is wanting to move out or their insurance is wanting inside the unit for evalutions, please direct them to contact Veracity to make an appointment.  

12-3-18 update 1 

The entire community is heartbroken for the owners of building 9 and their total loss.  We are working hard to get residents back into building 10 as soon as possible, and moving forward to rebuild building 9.  

Building 9: The investigation is still ongoing and until it is confirmed complete, we cannot begin the process of removing debris and the plan to rebuild.  The association has initiated an Insurance claim for the Master policy and does plan to rebuild.  We have no firm answer on the amount of time it will take to rebuild, and you should communicate your housing and personal needs with your homeowner’s insurance during this process. 

 Building 10 does not have power and water at this point and will have to be further assessed to determine what will need to happen to restore both.  At this time, we have been told a minimum of 30 days.  Please communicate your personal and housing needs to your insurance carrier.  Many carriers for building 10 owners have been onsite and have confirmed no electricity or power.  The replacement of unit doors has begun and all unit doors in building 10 should be replaced and secured by the end of next week.  Until then, security will be onsite.  If you need to come and retrieve personal items, you may come during daylight hours and you will be escorted to the unit, one unit at a time by security or management personnel.    

The Dallas Fire Department contacted me to ask that owners and residents stop calling them to ask when building 10 will reopen.  Dallas FD did not close down the building.  The issue is that the building has no water or electricity (due to the fire in building 9), which the Association is working to correct issue to get Oncor to reinstate power and get people back into the building.  

Many have asked if they are required to pay for their monthly assessment during this time.  Owners affected by the fire must continue to pay their monthly assessments because the funds received from assessment payments are used to operate and maintain Cambridge in general, not just the buildings affected by the fire. Each owner affected by the fire still owns a percentage interest in the other common elements of Cambridge; not just the individual condo unit that was affected by the fire. But more importantly, assessment funds will also be used to assist the Association with covering the costs of repairing and/or replacing Buildings 9 & 10 that are not covered by the Association’s insurance. The Association Board of Directors is not authorized to waive payment of assessments despite the devastating nature of the fire. 


FEMA 1-800-621-3362 

Resource Center, Dallas 214-521-5124

Housing Crisis Center 214-828-4244

Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance 972-638-5600

Helping Hands Inc 469-726-2762

Salvation Army 214-424-7000

Additional organizations that have contacted the Association offering assistance:

Who is Hussain, Texas

contact: Malahat Kizilbash

Texas phone: 214-418-7667

email: texas@whoishussain.org    

event page: